5Tricks Official


Meet 5tricksofficial Rapper Team.

According to their Websites 5Tricks, a crew of #RapArtists ? from all over the Bihar.

It is managed by Om Prakash Singh, an entrepreneur from Chhapra, Bihar who have supported the talented bunch of youths of Bihar.

The members of the crew were hustling individually until the first Rap Cypher of Bihar was organized at Muzaffarpur.

After which 5 like-minded people come together to form this crew and started living their dream.

The members of the crew did not have any past connection as they all come from different cities of Bihar and it is just through Hip Hop they met and created a strong bond.

Blend of Energy, Flow, Strong Vocabulary & Lyricism, Attitude and Swag all 5 members bring their own unique style to bring the diversity and harmonise it to make a great sound.

Their rap songs like SUNO BE, GARDA UDEGA has gone viral across the globe people loved their rap song.

Two of his team member named as Anshu and Shloka had performed on #MTVHustle Show.

Shloka was the finalist of that show. We are proud of Team 5Tricks.

Wish you all the luck guys.

Love from Humans Of Bihar.

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