Dr.Rushmika Singhla

Dr.Rushmika Singhla

Meet Dr. Rushmika’s Cornea Clinic

She runs an eye hospital Chandigarh Eye Care Patna.

Chandigarh Eye Care, started in 2015, Situated in Patna, Bihar, was founded by Dr.Rushmika Singhla, Phaco & Refractive Surgeon Consultant RK Mission Patna, Ex- Consultant Vasan Eye Care and Fellow LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad.

Dr. Rushmika Singhla, MBBS, DOMS, FRCS – General Surgery, is considered the Best Ophthalmologist in the Patna city.

The physician is a skilled medical professional in the field of Ophthalmology, offering consulting services and dedicated treatments to her patients for the past 14 years.

Dr. Singhla chiefly focuses on eye and vision care and she is an expert in performing eye tests, diagnosing and treating various eye diseases, prescribing medicines and performing eye surgeries.

The Ophthalmologist also prescribes eyeglasses and contact lenses to patients.

Eye Patients can have their consultation with Dr. Singhla both online and offline at the Chandigarh Eye Care, functioning at No. 2H/102, Opposite Shani Mandir, Bhootnath Road, Patna.

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