Founder Of Humans Of Bihar

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Who is the Founder Of Humans Of Bihar?

Founder of Humans of Bihar

Prabhakar Alok is the founder of Humans of Bihar. He has started humans of bihar in August 2020 during pandemic.

Prabhakar hails from Patna, Bihar so he wanted to change the perceptions towards the Bihar.

Like most of the people don’t know much about the beauty, personalities, histories of Bihar.

So, He has started humans of bihar, where he takes interview with the personalities who hails from Bihar.

How Prabhakar came with the Idea to start Humans Of Bihar?


Well, this will be the interesting story.

Prabhakar was on a call with his Rajasthani friend and having good healthy discussion about the different culture around the India.

So, gradually conversation was moving ahead and He realized that the perceptions of people towards Bihar was not good.

In that whole conversation, Prabhakar realized that bihari were viewed as a bad guy. He was not understanding the major problem like why people around India makes this kind of perceptions.

People judge Humans of Bihar as a Goons, Political, Unethical, Illiterate, etc. Prabhakar was shocked by the judgements of the people towards People of Bihar.

So, he decided to start facebook page of Humans Of Bihar where he will introduce about the good faces of Bihari.

Even He has not the proper plan that how he gonna start this.

Idea and Motives of Humans Of Bihar

Prabhakar Alok is an entrepreneur and SEO expert and he love to search over Google. So, he started searching websites / pages regarding his thoughts.


He has found a page and website named as Humans Of Bombay and It was blue tick verified. So, He takes an inspiration from that page and started Humans of Bihar.

Now, Prabhakar has created social media pages over Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Bloglovin.

After this, next what? Creating pages is the most easiest part to start anything but, we need fuel to continue right? Here fuel means content, helping hands, motivation, dedication, sincerity and consistency.

Initially people will say to support but they support at some extent only. Prabhakar has his own digital agency named as Digiwalebabu, SEOBizRank, Startupmedias, TechPrabhakar and

He also gives SEO training, because of that he is occupied with his work. Yet his emotions lies in Humans Of Bihar thats why he don’t want to discontinue too.

Rise Of Humans Of Bihar

Founder of HumansOfBihar

Prabhakar has started writing some short biography kind of things on Humans of Bihar. He use to search people on google and take some content from wikipedia.

For example, He has written about Manoj Bajpayee, Pankaj Tripathi, Shradha Sharma, Anand Kumar, Etc.

 Also, He has asked in his network to share their story and what they are currently doing in Bihar or outside Bihar.

So right now, Humans of bihar website has 63 posts (24th June 2021).

He has started Humans of Bihar’s Podcast, & Youtube.

You can show some love and support there.

You can connect with Prabhakar Alok, Tap on button and have some productive meeting with him.

Cheers guys and take care.

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