Mr. Arunabh Kumar

Arunabh Kumar

Meet Mr. Arunabh Kumar

Arunabh Kumar was born and brought up in Muzaffarpur. Currently living in Mumbai.

Arunabh Kumar is the person who conceptualized and launched #TheViralFever. MTV rejected his creation Engineer’s Diary which led to the launching of The Viral Fever.

The Viral Fever (#TVF) was launched in 2010 and by June, 2013, TVF videos reached 10 million viewership with over 1 million+ subscribers on YouTube channel.

In February 2015, it became the first Indian YouTube online network to attract one million subscribers on the basis of original content within the shortest time.

Owing to its growing popularity with both TVF Pitchers and Permanent Roommates being watched by millions around the globe, they received funding of $10 Million from Tiger Global.

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