Rajesh Suman

Rajesh Suman

Meet Rajesh Kumar Suman.

He hails from Samastipur, Bihar.

Rajesh Kumar Suman is known as पौधेवाले गुरूजी|

He love to do Planting on his birthday instead of cutting cake!

Rajesh Kumar Suman, has given the message of environmental protection to the world through the “Selfie with Tree” Campaign.

This campaign of Rajesh Kumar Suman was also praised by Bihar Deputy Chief Minister cum Forest and Environment Minister Shri Sushil Kumar Modi and took a selfie along with the plant as an eco friendly gift in lieu of bouquet.

Rajesh Kumar Suman also runs a free school in the name of BSS Club, where daughters, Divyang and poor children are being given free and quality education for ten years.

About three thousand children have been educated so far from the BSS club, out of which more than four hundred children have been selected in various government jobs.

When the children complete their education, they present a sapling to their Guru Rajesh Kumar Suman as Gurudakshina.

“पौधेवाले गुरूजी” Rajesh Kumar Suman, said in one of his interview that if people from all the countries of the world start planting trees on their respective birthdays, more than 7 billion plantations can be done every year.

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