Rishabh Seth

Rishabh Seth

Meet Rishabh Seth.

Rishabh Seth hails from Wazirganj, Bihar and is a student of Journalism and mass communication at Amity University, Patna.

Rishabh being someone who believes that one can excel in work along with studies, owns and runs a Facebook page named Filmy जानकारी‌ which has a reach to more than 10k people within a short span of one and half month.

Rîshãbh Sêth has also learned social media marketing from DigiwaleBabu.

Rishabh believes that Facebook has become a great medium for connectivity. He keeps his contents unique and is known for the same.

He has got several celebrities live on his Facebook page to entertain his audience.

He uses his page to promote potential artists. He is also a freelancer anchor and has anchored several events in Patna.

He is quite a known face and name in this field.

Rishabh has also mastered the art of voice modulation, he also won the title of #GixxerJockey by Radio City 91.1 FM Patna and hosted a segment on air for the same.

Rishabh is Passionate and hardworking. He believes, it is time to bring something new and fresh for the audience.

He is working with a young team to do the same.

We see immense potential in him. A rising entertainer for sure.

We Humans Of Bihar wish you all the luck Rishabh.

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