Shalinee Singh

Shalini Singh

Meet Shalinee Singh.

She hails from Bihar and she lives in Patna.

When Shalinee Says, we listen. She is a beautiful writer and her Pen Name is Shalinee_Says. She is 18 years old and She is a published Co Author.

She is a disciplined writer as she writes daily on her Instagram and Facebook Page.

She is doing Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University, Patna.

She has presented Bihar in a debate contest held at Prayagraj in 2017 and she received Best Speaker Award in that contest.

Most of her writings reflects that she is inspired from nature. She has also written many poems on Bihar. She is interested in writing about the culture and heritage of Bihar.

She has been awarded by Bihar Government and FACES( Foundation of Art Culture and Ethics ) for an essay which she wrote for a 200 years old statue of DIDARGANJ YAKSHINI, which is now in Bihar Museum but earlier it was in Patna Museum.

She has hosted many open mic events. She has also hosted few Dramas in Kalidas Rangalaya, Patna.

She mostly write on social issues and problems faced by a women in society.

She worship words and She thinks that Pen has that strength which can make an individual smile. If pen can write history then it can also create a history.

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