Top 10 Tourist Places In Bihar To Visit

The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Unlike other sectors, the tourism industry  works on the principle of low investment and high returns.

In India the tourism sector contributes to 6.8 % of the total GDP by generating 194 billion dollars.

It is also expected that the tourism industry will generate 460 billion dollars by 2028 thereby contributing 9.9% to the GDP. If we talk about the tourist places in India, then they are numerous.

The diverse history and culture of India gives rise to such great architecture and other monuments.

All the states in India have some of the other two tourist destinations. One such state is Bihar, Bihar is also known as Bihar Sharif, it has a diverse culture and various other tourist destinations.


Tourist Places In Bihar

are as follows

Top 10 tourist places in Bihar

#1. Navlakha Palace

Navlakha Palace

Navlakha palace is one of the most popular tourist sites in India as well as Bihar. It is often referred to as Rajnagar palace and was built by the great Maharaja Rameshwar Singh of Darbhanga.

The Navlakha palace covers approximately 1500 acres and includes 11 temples along with other small forts. Navlakha palace is specially known for its Mithila painting in the Gasauni ghar and its 22 layers of carving on the monuments.

A major part of this amazing architecture was destroyed in the earthquake of 1934, yet this place attracts a lot of tourists from all across the globe because of its historical relevance. Therefore Navlakha palace is one of the tourist destinations in Bihar.

#2. Xuan Zang ( Hsuen Tsang) Memorial Hall

Xuan Zang ( Hsuen Tsang) Memorial Hall

Xuan Zang ( Hsuen Tsang) Memorial Hall is located in Bargaon in Bihar. This memorial hall was built in order to honour a Chinese traveller and scholar monk, Xuan Zang.

Xuan Zang was also a student at the great nalanda University in 633 AD and stayed there for more than 12 years. Another reason for building this memorial hall was in order to strengthen the relationship between China and India. Xuan Zang came to India in order to preach Buddhism.

Therefore this memorial hall has an architecture which has resemblance to Buddhism. Various tourists from India, China and other parts of the world come in order to visit this memorial hall.

#3. Jal Mandir

Jal Mandir

Jal Mandir situated in Pawapuri, Bihar, is also called the Water temple. It was built by the great king Nandivardhan. It is also known to depict the “Charan paduka” or the foot impression of Mahavira.

This temple is specially built in Pawapuri because this was the place where Mahavira attained Nirvana. This temple is built in between a water tank in white marble, the water surrounding the temple is covered with lotus, the tank also has various species of fishes and other water animals.

Built in 527 BC, this temple is another very important historical site in Bihar which attracts tourists from all places in the world.

#4. Griddhakuta Peak or the Vulture Peak

Griddhakuta Peak or the Vulture Peak

Griddhakuta peak is also called the Holy Eagle peak. It is located in Bihar and has important links with Buddhism. It is also called the Vulture peak because the rocks of the hills resemble a sitting vulture with folded wings.

It is a famous sightseeing site located at an altitude of 400 m.

It is historically important because it is said that the great Lord Buddha once resided here. People related to Buddhism often visit this place, not just Buddhist, but people all over the globe come to this place because of the amazing view from the top of the peak.

#5. Vishwa Shanti Stupa

Vishwa Shanti Stupa

The Vishwa Shanti Stupa is located in Ratnagiri hills in the Nalanda district of Bihar. The Stupa was built in 1969 and is established at a height of 400 m in the Ratnagiri hills.

This hill is approx 120 feet. It is famous for its gold gilded statues of Buddha, this monument was founded by none other than Nichidatsu Fujii, a very famous Japanese Buddhist temple which follows Tibetan Buddhism.

Vishwa Shanti Stupa is yet another very popular Buddhist site in Bihar with amazing architecture and sightseeing which is visited by numerous tourists every year.

#6. Sher Shah Suri Tomb

Sher Shah Suri Tomb

Sher Shah Suri is a very eminent historical personality. He is the founder of Suri empire, he captured the mughal empire in 1540 by defeating Humayun, the son of Babar.

Sher Shah Suri was killed on 22 May 1545 at the capture of Kalinjar fort of Bundelkhand. Therefore the tomb of Sher Shah Suri was built in order to honour him.

The tomb is carved out of sandstone and the architecture is Indo Islamic. It is built on an artificial lake on a stone plinth and is designed by the famous architect Alawek Khan and is located in Sasaram where Sher Shah Suri was born.

#7. Vikramshila Ruins

Vikramshila Ruins

Vikramshila was one of the very important learning centres of the Pala empire. It was built in Nalanda in the Antichak village of Bihar. It was established in the 19th century CE by the great Pala emperor Dharmapala.

The walls of this site were plastered with lime to make it strong.

This site was abandoned in the 13th century by Mohammed Bin Bakhtiyar Khalji, but the remains or the ruins of Vikramshila site still carry a lot of historical relevance and thus people from various countries visit this popular tourist spot of Bihar, The Vikramshila ruins.

#8. Janki Mandir

Janki Mandir

The Maa janki Mandir is located in Fatehpur Gidhamasani in Bihar. The Janki Mandir of Bihar observes many devotees from different places of the world.

This temple is said to be the birthplace of Goddess Sita, the wife of the Hindu Lord Ram and daughter of the King of Janakpur.

This temple has a large courtyard which can accommodate multiple people at a time.

This temple is a very important tourist site in Bihar which sees many tourists because of its religious links, therefore it is one of the most visited tourist places in Bihar.

#9. Kesaria Stupa

Kesaria Stupa

The Kesaria Stupa is located in Tajpur Duer in Bihar. It is another Buddhist Stupa which is approximately 104 feet tall and has a  circumference of 400 feet.

It is said that this Stupa was built in the 19th century and was later discovered by the colonial Mackenzie in 1814. The Kesaria  Stupa is also called the Devala which means House of The God.

The Stupa is surrounded by vegetation, therefore it is a popular tourist site in Bihar owing to its religious links and architectural diversity.

#10. Saptaparni Cave

Saptaparni Cave

Saptaparni cave is located in Rajgir in Bihar. It has a lot of value in the Buddhist community because it is said that it was the place where Buddha spent time before his death.

This cave is embedded in a hill. The cave is known to be founded in 500 BC. Saptaparni cave is thus a tourist magnet and spot for people who are interested in trekking and activities such as cave walking.

The tourism industry has seen a major downfall in 2020 due to the pandemic. This downfall has affected various sectors and industries.

The local sellers, who sold their goods to the tourist, The tourist guides and many others lost their jobs. Therefore the tourism industry needs many changes after the pandemic is over so that the industry can prosper again.

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