Ujjawal Kumar Gupta

Ujjawal kr gupta
Meet Ujjawal Kumar Gupta.
He hails from Paliganj, Bihar, India. Currently living in Patna.
He and his friend Avinash, run a YouTube channel called Artisto Ka Adda.
He is a theater Actor & Youtuber. He has been doing theater since 5 years.
They have done many dramas show in many cities of the country.
He is doing great job in his YouTube career and also his YouTube channel crossed #50k+ subscribers.
Ujjawal thinks YouTube is a medium for learning about film making and he creates videos in different genre.
He wants to do different type of experiments through film making and wants to create a very positive and progressive environment in Bihar towards film making.
We truly wish him all the best in his future. ❤️
#HumansOfBihar #Youtuber

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